Our Story

We are Randi and Vivian, two women with a passion for creativity and elegance. Spreading our artistic wings and bringing joy to others is our top priority. We believe in the transformative power of photography and art as well as the importance of bringing coziness and creativity to your home.

Randi has been a graphic designer for 25 years. She is passionate about decorating homes with artistry, originality and personality. Randi is a talented artist who is also an entrepreneur. She started a small business when her two daughters were first born, making personalized greeting cards for all occasions. She has a passion for people, places and positivity which is clearly evident in all her creative aspirations and projects.

Vivian is a small business owner with a passion for adventure and making events personal and memorable. Vivian recently began a new chapter in her life by moving in with her partner and his two lovely daughters. Their blended home which also includes Vivian’s two wonderful sons, is filled with vibrancy and love. Although photographs of their travels and life adventures adorned their walls, as Vivian surveyed their home, she knew that something was incomplete. She quickly realized that she wanted all their names centralized in one place in a cool and creative manner.

The grey lamppost canvas in Vivian’s front hallway situated at the base of stairs lists all their four children’s names with their respective birthdates- a reminder of these important events that changed their lives forever. Vivian’s dream of having an artistic rendition of their family unit was complete. The picture perfect piece of photographic art that emits radiance, love and togetherness for all to enjoy was created. It only took a few family members and friends to remark and inquire about the symbolism and artistry on the wall and Cool Canvas Co. was born!

Parents and grandparents alike beam with pride as they gaze at their walls. Creatively fashioned canvases adorned with the names of children and grandchildren on the backdrop of memorable scenes and exotic backgrounds, are displayed for all to see. Couples showcase their love with anniversary dates that are artistically illustrated and surrounded by natural settings.

Now you too can enjoy your own personalized canvas. Randi and Vivian can make your artistic, familial and photographic dreams come true. Reach out to them today to add that unique and memorable piece of art to complete any living space and bring joy and warmth to your home.

Randi & Vivian